We Will Promote Your Business

Is The Current Crisis Affecting Your Business Leads and Enquiries?

We Will Help You Get New Clients and Bookings

Dear fellow business colleague,

The current crisis we are in has affected everyone’s lives and businesses all over the world.

So many people are struggling with uncertainty right now. But I believe that every crisis is also an opportunity!

Even in this moment of uncertainty, when so many people are afraid, there are MASSIVE opportunities to change our lives and prepare for the future!

Are you ready for some new clients right NOW?

Would you like some specific proven action steps that you can take TODAY to help you to get new clients, boost profits, build new future relationships, and build a foundation to recover from this crisis and move forward?

We Will Promote Your Business
We Will Promote Your Business

What Options Do You Have NOW to Get Clients?

  • Coldcalling? No one likes to be sold to in this way even though everyone is at home and you MUST be GDPR compliant to avoid being fined.

  • Buying Facebook and LinkedIn advertisements which would cost you thousands of pounds?

  • Just sitting at home WAITING to move forward with your business development activities until the crisis calms down? By that time (which could be several weeks or months) you might have lost thousands of pounds in missed sales opportunities!

  • Spamming everyone, which makes you look desperate and needy, which in turn damages your reputation?

  • Doing other desperate things that you would never have done before?

There is a BETTER way to get business leads, even in an uncertain moment such as this!

How Would You Like us to Promote Your Products and Services to Our Large Database and Social Media Contacts?

Watch This Amazing Testimonial From Ex-Dragons Den Rachel Elnaugh!

“It was such a pleasure to speak at Des’s Women in Business event. Also, I have already manifested numerous paying clients as a result of speaking – plus many new speaking offers and JV opportunities – so it was financially rewarding, as well as being great fun!”
Des O'Connor

We Will Help You Generate New High-Quality Business Leads

I have years of experiencing in online marketing and promotions for Business Experts, consultants, coaches, and other business owners and entrepreneurs, showing my clients how to…
  • Sell on stage

  • Find new clients
  • Generate bigger, better business leads

  • Establish and enhance your brand as an expert
  • Expand your business into new markets

  • Get footage of you speaking on stage to use in your marketing materials
  • Convert your live speaking appearances into digital products (online courses, videos, audio, etc.)
  • Produce your own live speaking events to build an audience and get connected to other lucrative speaking opportunities
  • Become an in-demand speaker for PAID keynote speaking opportunities

Des O'Connor
I want to provide 10 business coaches and consultants with the opportunity to promote their products and services to my extensive list of contacts (up to 100,000). This is a select list of potential business prospects which I have accumulated over the last 10 years from people who have been clients, attended my business, social media and dating and relationships events. These people WANT to hear from you!
– Des O’Connor

Ready For Me and My Team to Help Promote Your Business?

  • Stuck in your career and needing a change?

  • Recently made redundant at work and not sure what to do next?

  • Interested in starting your own business but not sure where/how to invest or who to work with to help set you up?

  • A stay-at-home mum who needs something new?

  • A business owner who wants to take your business to a higher level?

  • Interested in pursuing a particular passion, but not sure how to make it into a business?

  • Willing to be a guest speaker on stage to instantly gain credibility and “expert” status?

  • Needing a business in a box to get started at selling your own professional services and products?

  • Wanting to join a team of international speakers?

  • Ready to learn how to create your own products and services so you can be paid as you sleep?

  • Savvy about social media and curious how to use these skills to make good money?

  • Tired of “just” supporting your partner’s career, and wanting to get started with your own successful business?

  • Feeling like you have so much more to give?

  • Become a recognised business expert in ONLY 90 days!

  • Build a compelling, valuable business based on your existing skills and expertise

  • Earn money by selling digital products online

  • Build an audience as a business expert

  • Get speaking opportunities in the UK and internationally

Des O'Connor

We Will Help You Spread the Word About Your Business

We have 50,000 -100,000 Contacts To Promote YOUR Business, Starting TODAY!

Are You the Right Sort of Business Expert or Consultant Who is Ready to Work With Us? 

How Would you like us to promote your products and services to our database and social media contacts?
Here Are A Few Reasons Why Your Business Might Need Our Help…
  • Are You in Need of New Business Leads and New Clients?

  • Are you new in business?
  • Are you established in business and struggling to get new clients?
  • Has the crisis affected your business?
  • Are you looking for new ideas and new connections for your business?
  • Do you believe that your business can still be successful if you can just get some new energy and momentum?

We Will Promote Your Business

Remember: Everyone is At Home! Lots of people still need your services! But we need to help you approach your target customers in a different way…

Let Us Promote Your Business to Our Database and Social Media Contacts!
How would you like us to promote your products and services to our extensive and various list of contacts?
What if we could introduce your business to EXACTLY the sorts of prospective customers that you MOST want to reach?

You Keep All The Sales From All The Leads!
How would you like us to promote your products and services to our database and social media contacts?
We Will Promote Your Business
We have an extensive list of contacts who would be ideal prospective customers for Business Experts and Consultants. Especially if your business is involved in the activities of…
  • Helping train business coaches or life coaches

  • Helping people make a massive change in their life

  • Helping people improve their relationships

  • Helping people with personal development

  • Helping people transform their career

  • Helping people learn new skills

  • Helping people improve their own business performance

  • Helping people manifest new levels of success and growth

Does this sound like your business? Let’s talk!

We can help promote your business to exactly the sort of people who might be ideal clients for you, who would love to hear from you, who are ready to buy services and products from people like you!

Who am I?

Des O'Connor

I am Des O’Connor, the UK’s No. 1 Consultant for Creating Women Business Experts Worldwide, Inspiring Them to Lead, and Empowering Them to Speak On Stage! During the past 10 years I have been hosting, producing and promoting successful live events covering Marketing, Social Media, Dating & Relationships, and much more.

I also have helped my clients utilise online marketing, social media marketing, webinars, and other techniques for remote learning, professional and personal development, and other ways to reach audiences and do business online. There has never been a better time to use powerful online marketing methods to reach your customers and help your business grow!

During the past 10 years, I have built a proprietary database of contacts, social media followers and fans on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. This is my list that I use to promote my events, invite people to attend my webinars, and introduce great new products and services that my customers might love.

I don’t do this for everyone! But in this moment of crisis I want to offer a ONE-TIME opportunity to only 10 Business Experts, Coaches, or Consultants:

I Will Promote Your Business to MY Private Database.

This is the best chance to promote your business to the very same list of contacts that I have cultivated over the years, the people who know and trust my brand and my business, the people who have showed up time and time again for packed-out events.

How Can My Database Help Your Business?
  • 100,000 people

  • All social media platforms plus email/SMS

  • My database is packed with people who are specifically interested in what YOUR business sells: personal/professional development, relationship help, entrepreneurship, marketing, and much more

  • Instead of a marketing “cold call,” this is a “warm introduction.” I am personally going to vouch for you, introduce you to my list of contacts, and you will get the credibility and personal assistance that goes from being introduced to this list, just as if you were a guest speaker at one of my events.

We Will Promote Your Business
We Will Promote Your Business

Why Is NOW the Ideal Time to Promote Your Business?

Everyone in the UK is at home. People are limited in their activities. People are thinking about how they might like their life to be different after the crisis passes. People are dreaming bigger, wanting new things in life, wanting to make changes.

Wouldn’t you love to reach these people RIGHT NOW with your products and services?

As a Business Expert, Coach or Consultant, isn’t RIGHT NOW the ideal time to introduce people to how you can help them transform their lives?

People need you more than ever. This is a unique moment of opportunity for people to make massive changes in their own lives.

Des O'Connor
“I have been working with business experts to help them with enhancing their brand, hosting authors book launches, producing business launch days at a packed hotel, social media marketing, speaking on stage, system using their websites to generate hot leads, doing Facebook Live interviews, creating video show reels, website design and marketing materials, professional videos to promote their business, creation of digital products, helping authors earn money with passive income (‘get paid as they sleep’) from each chapter of their books by selling to global clients, relationship coaching and much more!”
– Des O’Connor

What Kinds of Businesses are the Best Fit for This Opportunity??

Based on our analysis of the database, and based on which businesses have had the most success with our audience, we can definitely help you if your business is in one of these categories:
Des O'Connor

We Will Help You Target the Right Customers in This Moment

My contacts are as follows

Depending on what you need, we have several options to connect you with our database of contacts and social media audiences:

  • Email database 10,000 people: all have joined my database over the years to be updated and informed of my products, services, other clients and attending my events

  • SMS: 10,000 mobiles – these have been collected over the last 5 years all from event attendees/former clients/prospective clients/industry colleagues/small business owners/business professionals of various backgrounds

  • LinkedIn: nearly 20,000 people in my network (Des O’Connor)

  • Facebook personal (Desmond O’Connor) 5000 and 1500 followers

  • Facebook business page (Des O’Connor) 5000 “likes”

  • Facebook groups and others: 50,000 people – we manage and are active in several groups and will share your posts in others we have joined to expand your reach

We Will Promote Your Business
We Will Promote Your Business
How to Reach Audiences in Our Database – Promoting Your Business:

There are several key strategies we can use to promote your business to our database…

  • Facebook Live Interviews: These video interviews are an excellent and versatile method to share your message; we can share the Live videos to LinkedIn (20,000) and all my Facebook audiences and relevant groups (50,000) and email to my database.

  • Questions posted on my personal Facebook page to generate leads and interest to position yourself as an expert. (These posts are highly visible and tend to attract a lot of engagement on Facebook – the posts with white text on a coloured background.)

  • Facebook Event: create a Facebook event for people to “meet” you virtually and learn about your business; we design the banner and invite targeted audiences.

  • LinkedIn Event: we have approximately 20,000 connections on LinkedIn and we will invite your targeted audience.

With all of these excellent strategies and a massive audience of customers who are highly likely to be interested in your specific business offerings, why not start today?

Here are several packages that you can choose from to promote your business with us…

These Are Our Various Packages That Start From Only £97!

We have a few different packages depending on your budget and business goals:

Bronze Package

Email promotion

Bronze Package
  • 3 email promotion to our database of 15,000 contacts

  • Put your message directly into the email inboxes of thousands of prospective customers who already know and trust Des O’Connor and his recommended colleagues, guests and sponsors.

  • Price:

    £497 – 3 email promotional blast (worth £697) – you will write and provide the email for us to send.

    £197 – 1 email promotional blast and professional email copywriting services (we will write the email for you, design your banner to accompany the email, and send it to you for review and approval prior to sending it to the database)

Email is still one of the most effective forms of online marketing, especially if you are getting a “warm” introduction like the one you’ll receive from Des! This package is worth at least £697 but you can get it TODAY for as little as £497!

Silver Package

Promotion and share/post on Facebook personal and business pages, groups over 10,000 & LinkedIn 20, 000

Silver Package
  • Includes Bronze Package – email promotion to our database of 15,000

  • You’ll get everything in the Bronze package PLUS shares/posts in all of our several business and relationship-related groups on Facebook and LinkedIn for a total of over 50,000 contacts!

  • Plus:

    • Share/post on Des’s Facebook personal profile
    • Share/post on Des’s Facebook business page
    • Share/post in Facebook groups reaching over 10,000
    • Share/post on LinkedIn reaching approx. 20, 000


  • Create a Facebook and LinkedIn event to invite 5-10,000 people to your event/services/products

  • Price:
£997 (worth £1497)
Payment Plan (2 x £527)
£297 (if you require us to write the email/social media posts for you and design your banners on Facebook and LinkedIn)
Payment Plan (2 x £167)

Gold Package

Gold Package
  • Includes Bronze package AND Silver package

  • Plus:

    • 1 extra email promotion to our database of 15,000 (2 emails in total)
    • 1 Share in all our Facebook/LinkedIn groups and others of over 30,000 contacts
    • 1 Questions post on my personal
    • Facebook page to generate leads and create interest to position yourself as an expert. (This is a special type of post on Facebook with white text/coloured background – it stands out very clearly and attracts a lot of engagement on Facebook.)
  • Price:

£1297 (worth £1997)
Payment Plan (2 x £697)
£497 (if you require us to write the emails/social media posts for you and design your banner and send for your approval)
Payment Plan (2 x £267)

But what if you want ALL of this, and more??

What if you want the BEST possible package to introduce your business to our audience of thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals who are eager for help from people like you?

Platinum Package

Platinum Package
  • Includes Bronze Package, Silver Package & Gold Package

  • Plus:

    • 1 Facebook Live interview, shared in all groups and LinkedIn and send via email to my database
    • An extra email promotion to our database of 15,000 (3 emails in total)
    • An extra Share in all our Facebook and LinkedIn pages/groups and othersof over 50,000 contacts (2 in total)
    • An extra Questions post in my personal FB page to generate leads and interest to position yourself as an expert (2 high-profile, high-visibility posts in total)
    • Create a Facebook and LinkedIn event to invite 5-10,000people to your event/services/products

    • BONUS 1: 1 FREE Consultation with Des O’Connor on how to boost profits, build your audience, enhance your brand, become a highly recognised expert, and be one of the first to speak on stage at our upcoming events in the UK. I will also introduce you to my USA contacts to speak in the USA
    • BONUS 2: Mobile Marketing – Send a SMS to 10,000 contacts with your website link and a 160-character message
  • Price:

£1697 (worth £2997)
Payment Plan (2 x £797)
£597 (if you require us to write the emails/social media posts for you and design your banner and send for your approval)
Payment Plan (2 x £317)

DISCLAIMER – we cannot guarantee any specific sales results, any specific increase of income, or any specific number of sales leads as part of this process of promoting your business to our audience and database. If you receive any new business leads or new clients, Des O’Connor and his business, Des O’Connor Coaching Services, are not responsible for the success or failure of any ensuing business relationships between you and your prospective new client(s), nor are they responsible for any disputes or refunds. Any products/services purchased from Des O’Connor/Des O’Connor Coaching Services are covered by the Cancellation Policy outlined here in the Des O’Connors Coaching Services Privacy Policy.