Des O’Connors Coaching Services Privacy Policy

We will never sell, barter, or rent your email address to any unauthorized third party.


Des O’Connors Coaching Services Privacy Policy

Des O’Connors Coaching Services (“us”, “we” or “our”) is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

You can visit our websites without disclosing any personally identifiable information about yourself (although please note that we may use cookies and collect other non-personally identifiable information about your browsing activity – see our cookie policy for detailed information).

If you do submit personal information by ordering products, services, registering for an event or completing a web form registration, for example, you can be assured that we will use your personal information only to support your continuing relationship with the Des O’Connors Coaching Services.

We have provided this Privacy Policy Statement to help you understand how we collect, use and protect your information when you visit our websites and when you generally use our products and services.

We wish to help you make informed decisions, so please take a few moments to read the sections below and learn how we may use your personal information.


Personal Information Collection

We endeavour to collect and use your personal information only with your knowledge and consent and typically when you order and subsequently use products and services, make customer enquiries, register for an event, register for information or other services, request product information, submit a job application or when you respond to communications from us (such as questionnaires or surveys). The type of personal information we may collect could include, for example, your name and postal address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, and credit/debit card information; lifestyle and other information collected on registration or through surveys.

If you choose to provide us with personal information it will be used in support of the intended purposes stated at the time at which it was collected, and subject to any preferences indicated by you.


Non-personal Identifying Information

We may also collect non-personally identifying information about your visit to our websites based on your browsing activities. This information may include the pages you browse and products and services viewed or ordered for example. This helps us to better manage and develop our sites, to provide you with a more enjoyable, customised service and experience in the future, and to help us develop and deliver better products and services tailored to your individual interests and needs.

From time to time, if you consented accordingly we may also store and use your information to contact you for market research and marketing purposes. We may contact you by email, phone or mail.


How will we use your information?

We may use your information for a number of purposes which includes: processing your orders and managing and administering your account; delivering any services, products or information requested by you; responding to complaints or account enquiries; administering debt recoveries; verifying your identity when required (you may lose your password or security information for example, and we may then need to ask you for other ‘identifiable’ information to protect your data from unauthorised access).

We may also undertake market and product analysis based on your use of our services and products and contact you with information about new developments, products, services and special offers by post, telephone and automated means such as mobile text message (SMS), Email and the internet (subject to any preferences expressed by you).

Whether or not you are a customer/client/buyer of our products or services, there may be other circumstances where you agree to share your information with us as part of participating in a competition, voting contest, event promotion, or marketing campaign. If you participate in promoting Des O’Connor events, sign up to participate in a competition or contest, or otherwise engage in correspondence, contact, content co-creation or co-promotion related to Des O’Connor events or marketing initiatives, we may contact you with further communication about other promotional activities or additional offers.

If you have consented to receive details of products and services, events and training you can contact us at any time to have your details removed from lists used by us for any or all of those purposes or from lists maintained by our headhunting division, to update your information or to otherwise tell us how you would like to receive information about our and/or third party products and services – the choice is yours.

To update your marketing preferences please email [email protected] and quote your full name in the body of the email and tell us what you want us to do (i.e. ‘opt-out Email’, ‘opt-out SMS’ etc or if you have previously objected to receiving information by post for example, but would now like to change your mind and receive information then just say, ‘opt-in post’ in the subject header of your email).


When will we disclose your information to others?

We may only disclose information about you and contact details to (i) companies within Des O’Connors Coaching Services for the purposes and subject always to the terms of this Privacy Policy Statement; (ii) in the event that we undergo re-organisation or are sold to a third party, in which case you agree that any personal information we hold about you may be transferred to that re-organised entity or third party for the purposes and subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy Statement. For the purposes of this

Privacy Policy Statement, “Des O’Connors Coaching Services” means Des O’Connors Coaching Services or any company or other entity in which Des O’Connors Coaching Services owns (directly or indirectly) more than 50% of the issued share capital. Please note that Des O’Connors Coaching Services does not sell or pass your personal information to third parties (other than as set out in the paragraph above) unless you have given us permission or unless it is strictly necessary to deliver the products and services ordered or used by you and you are notified beforehand.

For example, we may disclose your data to a credit card company to validate your credit card details and obtain payment when you buy a product or service.

Des O’Connors Coaching Services may also be obliged to disclose your personal information to meet any legal or regulatory requirements (for example to comply with a court order) or obligations in accordance with applicable law.
Social media, blogs, reviews

Any social media posts or comments you send to us (on the Des O’Connors Coaching Services Facebook pages or associated pages, for instance) will be shared under the terms of the relevant social media platform (e.g. Facebook / Twitter) on which they are written and could be made public.

Other people, not us, control these platforms. We are not responsible for this kind of sharing. We recommend you should review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the social media platforms you use. That way, you will understand how they will use your information, what information relating to you they will place in the public domain, and how you can stop them from doing so if you are unhappy about it.

Any blog, review or other posts or comments you make about us, our products and services on any of our blogs, reviews or user community services will be shared with all other members of that service and the public at large. Any comments you make on these services and on social media in general must be not offensive, insulting or defamatory. You are responsible for ensuring that any comments you make comply with any relevant policy on acceptable use of those services.


How long do we keep your information?

To make sure we meet our legal data protection and privacy obligations, we only hold on to your information for as long as we actually need it for the purposes we acquired it for in the first place. In most cases, this means we will keep your information for as long as you continue to use our services having expressed interest in them, and for a reasonable period of time afterwards if you stop doing so, to see if we can persuade you to come back to us. After that we will delete it other than where we lawfully can keep any data for audit or legal reasons.

We shall keep data on our prospect database for not longer than 3 years from receipt subject to an individual’s right to unsubscribe or be forgotten at any time.


Access to your Information

You can write to us at any time to obtain details of the personal information we may hold about you. Please write to: [email protected] Data Protection Officer, Des O’Connors Coaching Services, Redbourne Mere, Kirton-in-Lindsey Gainsborough Lincolnshire DN21 4NN UNITED KINGDOM. Please quote your name and address together with your mobile and/or email address (if relevant). We would be grateful if you could also provide brief details of what information you want a copy of (this helps us to more readily locate your data). We will take all reasonable steps to confirm your identity before providing you with details of any personal information we may hold about you.


Information Security

Des O’Connors Coaching Services recognises that its customers are increasingly concerned about how companies protect personal information from misuse and abuse and about privacy in general. Des O’Connors Coaching Services is constantly reviewing and enhancing its technical, physical and managerial procedures and rules to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, accidental loss and/or destruction. We use industry standard TLS certificates to provide encryption of data in transit, for example, all access to Des O’Connors Coaching Services’s websites and management portals is covered by HTTPS.

Please be aware that communications over the Internet, such as emails/webmails, are not secure unless they have been encrypted. Your communications may route through a number of countries before being delivered – this is the nature of the World Wide Web/Internet. Des O’Connors Coaching Services cannot accept responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.


Privacy Support

Des O’Connors Coaching Services reserves the right to amend or modify this Privacy Policy Statement at any time and in response to changes in applicable data protection and privacy legislation.

If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post the changes on our website so you know what information we collect and how we use it. If at any point we decide to use personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will tell you. You will have a choice as to whether or not we are able to use your information in this different manner If you have any enquiry about Des O’Connors Coaching Services’s privacy policy or practices, please write to: Data Protection Officer, Des O’Connors Coaching Services, Redbourne Mere, Kirton-in-Lindsey Gainsborough Lincolnshire DN21 4NN UNITED KINGDOM


Monitoring and/or recording of your Communications

Monitoring or recording of your calls, emails, text messages and other communications may take place in accordance with UK law, and in particular for business purposes, such as for quality control and training, to prevent unauthorised use of Des O’Connors Coaching Services’s websites, to ensure effective systems operation and in order to prevent or detect crime.
Photography and Videos at Live Events

Des O’Connors Coaching Services hosts live events, conferences, seminars, and public speaking engagements where Des O’Connor and his partners speak on stage about various business and personal development topics. Under this Privacy Policy, Des O’Connors Coaching Services reserves all rights to take photos and record videos of these live events, including the presentations on stage, audience members, and anyone in the room at the time of the event who might be included (deliberately or not) in the camera’s frame of view.

Anyone attending a live event hosted by Des O’Connors Coaching Services is giving their implied and inherent permission to potentially appear on camera – whether they are speaking on stage or visible in the background or in the audience – and Des O’Connors Coaching Services reserves all rights to use these photos or videos from live events (including the likenesses of any attendees, partners, speakers, sponsors, or audience members) for promotional purposes.

Des O’Connors Coaching Services does not knowingly collect or solicit Personally Identifiable Information from or about children under 13 except as permitted by law. If we discover we have received any information from a child under 13 in violation of this policy, we will delete that information immediately. If you believe Des O’Connors Coaching Services has any information from or about anyone under 13, please contact us at the address listed below.


We can be reached by contacting:
Des O’Connors Coaching Services
Email: [email protected]




All bookings of our services or purchases of our products are subject to a 14-day cancellation period, from the date of booking (“date of booking” is defined by the date of the Client signing the contract and/or date of the Client remitting first payment, whichever is earlier). Any notice of cancellation by the Client must be made in writing by letter or email sent to Des O’Connor (Consultant) within the first 14 days from the date of booking. Any refund requests for any courses, products or services of any kind must be sent in writing within 14 days after the 1st day of receiving the goods or services.

If the Client receives any services or goods from the Consultant during the 14-day cancellation period (including but not limited to: coaching, strategic planning and consulting, digital products, draft designs or copywriting text, etc.), then the costs of these services or goods will be deducted from the Client’s total contractually agreed upon fee to the Consultant, prior to any refund given to the Client. In the event of a cancellation, the Consultant will offer a fair and transparent accounting of any fees incurred for work done by the Consultant so far during the 14-day cancellation period (for example, the Consultant’s consultation fees are from a minimum of £497 per hour and this also covers any travelling to and from any sessions, etc.) as part of calculating any refund owed to the Client.

Any refunds after a cancellation, once agreed upon by both parties, will be made to the Client within 30 days of receipt of a valid cancellation notice.

Once a new Client has booked a contract, the Consultant makes extensive arrangements and investments of time and money in anticipation of the Client’s further business – especially if the Client is involved with the Consultant’s future live events. As such, in the event of a cancellation, the Consultant incurs significant administrative hassles, expenses and opportunity costs (devoting time to a new Client instead of booking deals with other prospective clients, etc.). This is why the Consultant requires a 14-day cancellation period.

Any Clients requesting cancellations after the 14-day cancellation period has elapsed will not receive a refund. Refund and cancellation requests must be sent by email in full detail to [email protected] where our legal team will reply within 30 days of receipt.

If the Consultant has already devoted more billable hours of work (at his billable hourly rate of £497) for the Client’s project than the requested refund amount, then the Client will not receive a refund and the Client may be liable to pay the Consultant for his full allotment of billable time; in these cases, the Consultant will bill the Client accordingly, at the Consultant’s discretion.

If you purchase tickets to any Des O’Connor events advertised on this website, you also agree to be governed by our Privacy Policy and Cancellation policy described above.

We also have a special cancellation policy for ticket purchases of our live event VIP lunch packages (depending on the event, this ticket package might include a VIP guest speaker, lunch, Q&A sessions, and free bonus digital products). Unfortunately we cannot offer cancellations or refunds of the VIP lunch package purchases; all VIP lunch sales are final once you have received instant access to your digital products from us. The digital products that we give away as part of this VIP lunch package are typically worth several hundred and sometimes thousands of pounds; we are trying to deliver exceptional added value to you for purchasing your VIP ticket, and so even if you are unable to attend the event, we unfortunately cannot refund the amount of the ticket purchase – but we encourage you to get the most value possible from the digital products which have already been issued to you with instant access and cannot be retrieved by us.

Also we cannot re-negotiate or reduce the number of spots that we have available at lunch due to complexities of our venue and lunch/refreshments vendor arrangements. Please be aware when booking the VIP lunch package that refunds are not possible, but even if you cannot attend the event after purchasing the ticket, you will get significant value-added instructional content via our free digital products.

Our events have an average of 100-200 people attending (sometimes more), but we cannot guarantee any specific numbers of attendees due to the subjective nature of the events industry. Some of our events may have higher or lower attendance for a variety of unpredictable reasons beyond our control, such as poor weather conditions, travelling cancellations, sporting events, holidays, other major possible conflicting events, natural disasters or emergencies. We do no promise any specific attendance, and we cannot be held responsible for any poor turn outs; however you can see from our previous events, testimonials and Facebook pictures that we have a strong track record of producing popular, well-attended, successful events.


Client Responsibilities: 6 Month Timeframe

Any coaching engagements or consulting services packages are limited to a 6 month timeframe, unless otherwise specified and agreed upon in writing. Des O’Connors Coaching Services intends for each coaching/consulting/business development package of services to have a specific time period to achieve focused results and to have a collaborative working relationship between the coach and client.

All our agreements/working relationships have a specific timeframe and duration along with a package of services, such as a consulting agreement leading up to the client’s appearance at a speaking event. For example, if we were to start a package of coaching/consulting services in January, with a package of services such as website design, digital products, business coaching, etc. with the goal of helping the client to prepare for a speaking event in May, then this would be a 5 month package.

If a payment plan is in place, then the final payment of the month of the event must be paid in full at least 10 days before the event and no later. All payments must be paid in full before the event and not after. Other services can be extended beyond the 6-month timeframe limit, but only with written agreement from Des O’Connor’s Coaching Services.

Our packages of services do not exceed 6 months unless agreed in writing in advance as part of the contract, or agreed upon later (in writing) for an extension.

Clients are responsible for communicating with the Coach, for upholding their agreements and keeping their promises to participate in coaching plans and “homework” assignments as needed, for scheduling and appearing for participation at live speaking events, for appearing on time for appointments and especially for videographer sessions, and for being a responsible participant in their own coaching program and contributing to their business’s progress. Successful business coaching requires open communication and a strong collaborative partnership between the Coach and Client. If the Client is too busy or not able to devote time/attention to their coaching program, they will be unlikely to achieve their goals or maximise their success.

If we have arranged video days, Facebook Live interviews, one on one coaching or any other appointments or sessions where the Client has to cancel or does not attend as promised, these sessions would not be refundable. The Client would lose your session and the cost of the session would count towards your package as a loss.

We expect Clients to participate fully in any Coaching/Consulting programs or business services that they book with Des O’Connors Coaching Services. We intend to provide results-oriented, highly focused, timeframe-specific Coaching and Consulting that is helpful for attaining specific Client goals. When Clients do not or cannot participate effectively during the agreed-upon timeframe, this creates confusion, delays, and added costs for the Consultant’s business.

We cannot accommodate or tolerate situations where Clients do not keep appointments, do not participate in the coaching activities, do not appear for sessions as promised, do not communicate effectively or respond to communication from the Coach, and then come back 6 months-to-2 years onwards and expect to pick up from where they started.

If a Client abandons their coaching program or services package (due to lack of communication and participation by the Client) and then wants to re-start their services with the Consultant after the agreed-upon timeframe has passed, this would require the negotiation of a revised package which would incur additional fees for the Client.


Changes to this Policy

Des O’Connors Coaching Services reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of our site following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. Information collected prior to the time any change is posted will be used according to the rules and laws that applied at the time the information was collected.